Thursday, November 29, 2012

Watch Miss Universe 2012 Live Streaming

Watch Miss Universe 2012 Live Streaming @ The pageant is almost here because we are only going to wait for a couple of weeks and the most coveted pageant in the world will unveil its new reigning queen. So far it is estimated that 89 delegates from different countries and territories will make it to the largest pageant in the world. Who will be the next successor of the legendary crown?

Leila Lopes of Angola had reigned for a year and a couple of months thus it may seem that she is the longest reigning queen. Miss Angola will crown her successor in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada on December 19, 2012. The heat is one because which continent will be the next Miss Universe come from. Miss Universe 2012 is the 61st edition of the pageant. Miss Finland won the first Miss Universe title and then it was followed by many more.

Many women had aspired to be the next Miss Universe because it is not only an honor but also the opportunity to experience the chance of a lifetime. Beauty, personality and intelligence are being measured to choose the next title holder. Each woman is being trained to be perfect but as we all know if there is good there is always the best.

The whole world is happy to know that Miss Universe was given the date. For the last few months that had passed, it feels like that the flame of beauty had been replace by the coldness of the season. The excitement flares up again because the goddesses are arriving in Las Vegas to bestow their presence to the diehard fans.

Many believe that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and that is true because each of us has the power to change whatever we are. I do believe that the pageant will choose a new Miss Universe that will uphold the ideals of the foundation. It is not easy to be a Miss Universe Queen because you are being expected of a lot of things. Being a beauty queen is indeed both honor and duty.

Watch Miss Universe 2012 Live Streaming since it is nice to see it live rather than wait. Dreams are playing a big role in the lives of every candidate because it is the thing that makes them live and inspired. Leila Lopes dreamed that she will become Miss Universe and it happened. So, whose dreams will be given a reality? Out of 89 only one will stood and proudly wore the crown. This is a heart pounding experience for all the delegates as well as the fans.

The last time was not so surprising because we are the ones that were surprised. I really expected that there is a parade of national costume but there is none instead they had just introduced themselves. I hope that this time there is going to be one. Each of the costumes is representing their countries in a colorful manner thus it may even encourage tourism.

The predictions are on so you can choose your favorites wisely. More updates are going to happen so it is better to be alert all the time.

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