Friday, June 1, 2012

Ordos, China to Host Miss World 2012

Welcome to Ordos, China! It was announced that Miss World 2012 is going to be hosted by China and the host place is the City of Ordos. We will again see many countries that will compete for the title and the crown. Miss World is one of the four major pageants that the world is watching. This pageant selects the woman that will implement and be the ambassador for the cause of the foundation. For sure you are not going to miss this pageant.

For now we will have to travel to China and learn the facts of the host venue. Ordos is one of the twelve major subdivisions of Inner Mongolia, China. It is located within the Ordos Loop of the Yellow River. Although mainly rural, Ordos is administered as a prefecture-level city. The administrative seat is at Dongsheng. "Ordos" means "palaces" in the Mongolian language.

The City of Ordos a city on development and sooner it will rise as one of the world’s most famous cities. Lavish government projects are being erected and infrastructures for future businesses are projected. Ordos is one of the richest regions on China. It has many natural resources that tops in China and so no wonder that this region is getting develop in fast pace.

Even though it has many resources and rich, this place is sometimes called the ghost city because its people are less and uses less the government buildings. Traveling within the city is good for it has plenty of vehicles to commute. Miss World 2012 will be happening in this place and somehow this will lead to the people around the world to visit and know more about Ordos.


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