Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Teen USA 2012: Veronica Temple to Represent Alaska

Name                          Veronica Temple

Age                              18

Hometown                    Eagle River, Alaska

Each woman wanted to have the dreams that they wanted and some of them have aimed their eyes on pageant. Well, we cannot avoid that pageants are part of our lives since that is a thing that we will always wanted to hold. Pageant is not about beauty alone but how you handle other people especially your fellow contenders. It is also about things that are within you or I mean was the personality. A woman is a picture of many hues and thus beauty is not limited as to what is in the putside.

Miss Alaska Teen USA 2012 is Veronica Temple who will be representing her state in the coming Miss Teen USA 2012 in Bahamas. For sure it is expected that she will make a good performance in the said pageant. More updates are going to be posted here so always check it out. 


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