Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Teen USA 2012: Jacqueline Zuccherino to Represent Colorado

Name                              Jacqueline Zuccherino

Age                                 17

Hometown                       Aurora, Colorado

 Do you have a favorite contestant? I am sure that you have since the days are getting fast as it pass by. We will once again shout and once again feel the excitement as the new Miss Teen USA 2012 is getting announced. For many people, this pageant is something that they will have to see since it is a pageant that has a lot of meaning to them. Jacqueline Zuccherino will be one of the young ladies that will compete in the Miss Teen USA 2012 this July 28, 2012 in the Bahamas.

Jacqueline Zuccherino moved to the USA from Italy as a child, living with her grandmother and older brothers. When her parents moved to the USA they relocated to Colorado. While attending public high school, Jacqueline consistently worked part-time in retail sales, she was a party coordinator for childrenÕs events, and sharpened her people-skills as hostess at various local eateries. Home-schooling suited Jacqueline and her familyÕs life-style and she enjoyed the opportunity to travel with her mother to volunteer in Costa Rica and Mexico.


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