Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Teen USA 2012: Amber Mitchell to Represent Arkansas

Name                              Amber Mitchell

Age                                18

Hometown                      Hensley, Arkansas

Many women wanted to have a nice time and had all the things that they wanted. When the pageant strikes I guess that would be the best time that they can do what they believe would be the best thing to do. Being a woman is not an easy thing since responsibilities are being put in their shoulders. One thing is sure that women love to and that was to join pageants. Pageants are created for viewers to see what their countrymen had done to have international or local glory.

Pageants were not juts created for the sake that there is someone to be held as a winner but it was made to choose who among these women will be a role model for the people. Miss Teen USA is a step for a new aspiration as for this woman who will show grace and intelligence. Amber Mitchell is the new Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2012 and will represent her state.

Amber lives in the small town of Hensley with her wonderful parents, Buster and Tracey Mitchell and her brother Nathan. She is an eighteen year old college sophomore at Pulaski Tech. She is majoring in broadcast journalism with the aspiration to be the next Vanna White.


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