Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watch Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 Live

The second edition of Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 is going to hit the world this June 16, 2012. I am sure that many do have a few idea of this pageant since it has only begun last year. This is a one of a kind pageant that is being participated by Asia and Oceania countries. This is indeed a very nice pageant since the winners are being trained to combine beauty queen and a supermodel into one. This is the pageant that makes these women to aspire for what is best.

Miss Diana Starkova of Ukraine is the reigning Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 and is going to crown her successor. She replaced the original winner Florima Treiber of France. Now that she is the winner, she is busy with her career as the Miss Asia Pacific World and the charities that is being sponsored by the foundation. She is also attending movies workshops and even had a role in a movie. She will be one of the hosts in this coming pageant.

The pageant will be held in South Korea and the venue is Sheraton Walker Theatre Hall. Many countries are expected to send their representatives in the said pageant. Watch Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 Live here since we are going to provide you with the best quality video streaming. Miss Starkova will be show presenter in English together with one of korean top stars, who will host the pageant in Korean language.

Here is the list of countries to join:
Algeria - Mencherini Sarah
Armenia - Mariana Manukyan
Australia - Courtney Day
Bangladesh - Farhana Azad
Bhutan - Sonam Choden Retty
Bulgaria - Alexandra Yancheva
Canada - Divine Uwikirezi
Crimea - Gaykova Inna
Czech Republic - Jana Zajicova
Denmark - Dimple Sivia
Estonia - Julia Perlin
Ethiopia - Desta Undesa
India - Himangini Singh Yadu
Indonesia - Andi Natassa
Israel - Yael Markovich
Japan - Eriko Yoshii
Kazakhstan - Inessa Nazarova
Kenya - Martha Thuo
Kyrgyzstan - Rakhat Zharkymbaeva
Latvia - Diana Kubasova
Lebanon - Nathaly Farraj
Macedonia - Jana Burcevska
Moldova - Veronica Chira
Mongolia - Tselmuun Chinzorig
Montenegro - Markovic Sandra
Niger - Sounna Cherifaiou
Pakistan - Asma Waheed
Philippines - Grendel Alvarado
Portugal - Morgana Nogueira
Puerto Rico - Janice Rivera
Romania - Ecaterina Caplun
Russia - Elena Riabinina
Siberia - Olesya Shchemirskaya
Sri Lanka - Gayesha Perera
Thailand - Chawanluck Grace Unger
Ukraine - Kateryna Shevchenko
Uzbekistan - Sayyora Sagindikova
Venezuela - Melani Macerol

This is as of May 23, 2012 and possible that it will have some changes. Have a new experienced in this new pageant that is in the quest to search for the most versatile. 


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