Thursday, February 2, 2012

Miss Cayman Islands 2012: Lindsay Japal

NAME                   Lindsay Japal

AGE                      23 years

HEIGHT                173 cm

HOME TOWN       George Town

COUNTRY            Cayman Islands

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND     an Associate degree in Business Administration from the University College of the Cayman Islands.

PROFESSION        a professional model

A goddess was born to win the 2011 Miss Cayman Islands and it is here time to take her chance to win the most coveted title in the world. Who is she? When you look at her you may think that you are in a paradise since in front of you is a woman with a great beauty. She is Lindsay Japal, a warrior of nature as she supports the Central Caribbean Marine Institute which took steps to preserve the treasures of the Cayman Islands for the future generation. She was a woman raised by parents who have strong and kind hearted hearts.

She has learned the ideas of integrity, humanity and love of country that have contributed a lot to her personal life and professional life. She is a woman who sets outlook in life and finds a way to have all those goals that she has. That is the best thing that she has and possible that will take her to the dream of achieving the title of Miss Universe 2012. Her country is lucky enough that it has a woman that has a sense of the future and a dedicated woman to conserve the blessings that God has given to her country.

Miss Lindsay Japal was crowned Miss Cayman Islands 2011 on Saturday night 24th September, 2011, at the Lion's Community Centre in George Town, Cayman Islands. She was crowned by Cristin Alexander, Miss Cayman Islands 2010. Now she pledges that she will use the crown for the betterment of her country. Welcome her in the upcoming Miss Universe 2012.

Lindsay Japal: “I am overwhelmed and excited but I am ready to do what need to do to make my island proud"


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