Thursday, February 2, 2012

Miss Belgium 2012: Laura Beyne

NAME                   Laura Beyne

BIRTH DATE        25th May, 1992

AGE                     20 years

HEIGHT                172 cm

HOME TOWN       Brussels

COUNTRY            Belgium

EDUCATION        Real Estate Agent the first year student

HOBBIES           Dance, Fitness and spending time with friends

Belgium is a small European country that is blessed with nice people and nice things to consider but if there is a great thing that have happened in Belgium that would be when they have chosen their new Miss Belgium 2012. I believe that Belgium has chosen a very nice woman and soon she’ll be taking her steps to have the chance of a lifetime. Miss Universe is a title that every woman will seize since in it the words prestige, influence, humanitarian cause and strong feminine personality is engraved. Are you ready to know her?

She is Laura Beyne a 20 years woman from Brussesls, the capital of Belgium. She’s a Belgian model and pageants are one of her favorites. She’s a woman with a Congolese descent because of her mother. She graduated from the lycée Maria Assumpta in Laeken, Brussels and is now studying to become a real estate agent which is her main aim for schooling. She made the crowd rejoice as she was crowned Miss Belgium 2012 by Justine De Jonckheere, the outgoing Miss Belgium 2011. She was crowned at the Casino de Knokke inKnokke-Heist on 8th January, 2012.

That was another achievement that she has buy the game is just beginning as months of preparation is needed to be prepared for the Miss Universe 2012. Among the 20 candidates that had hoped to win the contest she is the luckiest to caught the judges eyes as she showed all her best. We will see her ramped the stage this Miss Universe 2012.

Miss Belgium 2012 Crowning Moment


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